Újbudai Fogászati Centrum

Our services

We offer a full range of painless dental procedures for our patients, with optional general or local anesthesia. The most common treatments are the following:

Periodontal therapy
  • professional oral cleaning
  • pain-free ultrasound plaque removal
  • polishing, prophylactic cleaning
  • periodontal regeneration with stem-cell activation therapy (Emdogain)
  • laser surgery
  • gum recession treatment with tissue transplant
  • treatment of loose, affected teeth with long-term composite splint technology
Dental implantology, oral surgery, bone replacement
  • laser surgery
  • minimally invasive tooth and root extraction with ultrasonic bone-surgical tool (piezosurgery) – quick healing and provides perfect base for future implant
  • surgical wisdom-teeth removal
  • bone-replacement with synthetic bone graft, or bone transplant (autograph)
  • asinus lift
  • premium quality Swiss Straumann implant placement
Dentures, conservative dentistry
  • dental implants, single and complete dentures
  • instant dentures (available right after extraction)
  • aesthetic metal-free zirconium crowns, bridges
  • inlay/onlay
  • front-teeth correction with different types of veneer
  • smile design
  • combined dentures
  • aesthetic fillings for cavities
  • root canal treatment, root canal cleaning with ozone and laser technology, professional root filling technology
  • teeth whitening with professional technology on site, or home treatment

dental procedures

Complete digital X-ray diagnostics
  • our office is fully equipped with high-quality X-ray with minimal radiation
  • high-definition digital panoramic X-ray
  • jaw joint X-ray
  • X-ray to reveal hidden caries or cavities
Paedodontia (Treatments for kids), orthodontics
  • fillings for milk teeth
  • ozone therapy
  • aesthetic fixed orthodontic
  • lingual technology
  • removable orthodontics
  • self-ligating fixed orthodontic (Damon)
  • invisible orthodontic appliance (invisalign)
  • sealing
  • tooth extrusion
Other common dental services
  • treatment of jaw problems with specialised physio- or manualtherapy
  • treatment of sleep teeth-grinding
  • occlusion treatment
  • special protective dental appliances
  • oral camera documentation
  • halitosis (bad breath) treatment
  • focal diagnosis